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location 1

canal house
Krom Boomssloot 8hs
1011 GV Amsterdam

location 2

Krom Boomssloot 22-III
1011 GW Amsterdam


  • Parking available in surrounding streets and car parks
  • Car park Oosterdok had friendly rates when parking 5 hours or more
  • It’s a 2 minute walk from metro station Nieuwmarkt, exit Koningsstraat or a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

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to mmousse

MMousse is a team of practical dreamers and creative doers. Call us branders, location managers, creative strategists, stylists, event managers, or yoga teachers. Labels are not important to us. Sincere entrepreneurship with guts and passion is. We think, crazy as it seems, that we can make the world a better place and develop fresh concepts with our ingredients.

MMousse gives shape and space to inspiration.

We call our venues ‘oases’. Places where you can gain new ideas and energy. At this moment we have two venues where our creative agency manifests itself, but which we also rent out for events and to groups. One of them is isolated, high in the sky, and looks out over the old Amsterdam city roofs. The other one (our Canal House) is more down-to-earth. Still isolated but closer to every day life in Amsterdam.

MMousse wants to know more. Knowing what you want is a condition to start our collaboration. Our results will always be spot-on, no matter what the task is.


Labels aren’t important to us. Sincere entrepreneurship with guts, passion and sincere attention is.”

Maud van de Wiel - founder

Maud van de Wiel - founder


“We tend to block our personality in professional environments. Our philosophy is showing your vulnerability in order to grow on personal and business levels. Indeed, if you come to us for a session or package you will leave after a sensorial and mindful experience. For this you need guts and the ability to let go. Wishy washy? No. Tough? Hell yeah!”
+31 (0)20 2261292