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canal house
Krom Boomssloot 8hs
1011 GV Amsterdam

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Krom Boomssloot 22-III
1011 GW Amsterdam


  • Parking available in surrounding streets and car parks
  • Car park Oosterdok had friendly rates when parking 5 hours or more
  • It’s a 2 minute walk from metro station Nieuwmarkt, exit Koningsstraat or a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

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To us a collaboration is always a co-creation. A strong brand or lasting idea only arises by doing it together.  We are experts in the fields of strategy, connecting, branding and visual identity.  We combine this knowledge with business sense, intuition,  guts and genuine attention. Our own brand MMousse is an example of which we are very proud. A new business model based on personal and commercial growth.


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    branding, concept development; target group determination and everything in between
    visual brand identity; Graphic design, styling, collection strategy and everything in between
    practical implementation, monitoring; Identity, image and everything in between

Working with MMousse is really co-creation. From the sincere drive and passion to achieve the best possible end result together.”
The workshop with our team by MMousse was inspiring! Particularly to discover how strong we are as a team without being aware of it before: a huge energy boost!”
The ladies of MMousse were able to unravel our DNA and gave us a new perspectives on who we are and who we want to be as an organization. The collaboration was professional, yet personal and therefore very pleasant!”
After a good preliminary interview, we worked quickly and professionally towards a beautiful brand and have now received many customers.”
MMousse has been a strategic partner for years, thinking about fashion, style and trends and how these can go together, for and together with beautiful international fashion brands.”
Locations mmousse
Locations mmousse

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