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canal house
Krom Boomssloot 8hs
1011 GV Amsterdam

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Krom Boomssloot 22-III
1011 GW Amsterdam


  • Parking available in surrounding streets and car parks
  • Car park Oosterdok had friendly rates when parking 5 hours or more
  • It’s a 2 minute walk from metro station Nieuwmarkt, exit Koningsstraat or a 10 minute walk from Amsterdam Central Station.

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creating synergy


Day-to-day business forces companies and teams to meet deadlines, keep an eye on targets, and charge ahead. A Grow session enables you to have a moment to find out how your organisation is really doing. Are there factors that keeps your team from growing? Which challenges are there to face and how do you want to deal with these challenges?

Grow is developed for teams that can do with some new energy. For leaders who want to break boundaries. For strategists who want to redetermine course. Together we will find the current barriers, challenges and performance. On this basis we will develop a relevant program of you in our own MMousse way.

Creativity and sincere attention are the heart of the sessions. In the cross disciplinary design you will find coaching but also food experience, brain and heart storms, meditation or inspiring speakers. We serve all senses in one of our extraordinary locations and with our culinary designers. 
During a consultation we will decide the content together. Our specialisations, individual or a combination: Branding, Team spirit, trends + scenario.

Browse mmousse magazine (dutch)
    branding, concept development; target group determination and everything in between
  • TEAM
    creative team spirit; inspiring, bringing together and everything in between
    future zeitgeist; Trends, scenario and everything in between

A Grow session is a good team starter. We have a fast growing company which means we are welcoming a lot of new people. These kind of sessions make sure that you remain a team.”
Locations mmousse
Locations mmousse